asylum-artCosmovitral: Mexico’s Amazing Stained Glass Botanical Garden

artist: Leopoldo Flores

(Image: Lucy Nieto)

Stained glass is invariably associated with place of worship. Yet the lucky residents of the Mexican city of Toluca have a wonderful botanical garden replete with a host of incredibly stained glass windows.  As well as being a superb display of plants and art together, it is a tour de force in what to do with a building once it outlives its original purpose. Leopoldo Flores(born 1934) is a Mexican artist mostly known for his murals and other monumental works which are concentrated in the city of Toluca, State of Mexico.  a large work in stained glass piece both located in Toluca.

(Source: f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s)

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when your walking and spot a random hot guy


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More awesome stuff from Creative Capital:


Banker White: We launched our first [WeOwnTV] program in Sierra Leone in 2009 by facilitating a month-long filmmaking workshop for 18 young men and women just outside the capital city Freetown. Workshop participants were selected not based on technical skills or prior experience, but on the enthusiasm, eloquence and sense of purpose each of them exhibited during the interview process. Many participants had never worked with a camera or touched a computer and many had not finished school, but they each demonstrated an incredible strength and resolve in overcoming tragic circumstances.

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We spoke with artist and filmmaker Banker White about his experience on the ground in Sierra Leone as he works to empower young filmmakers in Freetown to combat the outbreak of Ebola virus.

Banker White Uses Film To Combat Disease

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Maya Jane Coles : Something In The Air - Bonobo Remix Vinyl:


Watch the trailer for the new LIVE album CD and DVD The North Borders Tour - Live:
More info & pre-order here:

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Watch the haunting new video for Mirel Wagner's “The Dirt”, off of her brilliant Sub Pop debut, When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day, available now. 

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enochliewChipicas Houses by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos

Two sides of the façade has floor to ceiling windows while the other two sides are wooden lattice to gain a sense of privacy.


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From the Executive Summary:

"As we look at the dynamic change shaping today’s data-driven world, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. We really do not know that much about it. Polarized along competing but fundamental principles, the global dialogue on personal data is inchoate and pulled in a variety of directions. It is complicated, conflated and often fueled by emotional reactions more than informed understandings. The World Economic Forum’s global dialogue on personal data seeks to cut through this complexity. A multi-year initiative with global insights from the highest levels of leadership from industry, governments, civil society and academia, this work aims to articulate an ascendant vision of the value a balanced and human-centred personal data ecosystem can create."

See also: Full text in PDF.

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Bear In Heaven - “Autumn” (Official Video)

High Definition 4K music video with rich low resolution graphics put together by Peter Burr for Bear In Heaven is a trippy experience. Video embedded below (but watch in the highest resolution possible for best effect):


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